Our all-volunteer BMSAR teams have been and continue to be called on to assist both local law enforcement agencies and private investigations, as well as supporting our primary call-out agency, the Massachusetts State Police.  As a local non-profit tax-exempt organization, we rely almost entirely upon the generosity of the public to field and equip our K9 and Search & Rescue teams, and to help ensure the safe return of anyone who might find themselves in trouble and alone in these Berkshire mountains we are proud to call home.

   BMSAR teams are at risk each time they venture far afield, and up-to-date, modern communications equipment is critical for ensuring the safety of the rescuers as well as the rescued.  Thus, we continue to actively seek any and all donations that allow us to purchase  basic supplies such as GPS units, survival gear, backpacks, First Aid supplies, communication systems and the like, to expand our ability to coordinate our teams, and to react quickly and effectively the next time an emergency threatens visitor and neighbor alike.

I would ask that no matter what your ability, you please give your most kind and serious consideration to supporting our mission in any way you can.

As we have seen recently, it takes only a single blizzard to put the lives of some of the most vulnerable among us at terrible risk.  Since 1977, our members have given untold thousands of hours towards our shared vision: of a world in which neighbor will never desert neighbor in the face of an emergency, in which the rapid response of skilled and dedicated volunteers can and does save lives.  

 On behalf of all of us at BMSAR, I thank you in advance for your thoughtful and generous donation showing your support.

 Michael Comeau - President

 Please make checks payable to Berkshire Mountain Search and Rescue and send them to: 

Berkshire Mountain SAR. C/o Michael Comeau  16 Newark St Adams, MA 01220 

 or click on the DONATE button below to donate directly to the team through Paypal

Berkshire Mountain Search and Rescue is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) corporation

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