New Members

What Qualifications should I have to start?   

Berkshire Mountain Search and Rescue (BMSAR) has positions in a number of different functions ranging from In the field (groundpounders, K9 Handlers, Navigators) to support functions (Radio / communications, Search Management, medical and supply support).  In other words, if you want to help out, give us a call. 

What type of person is BMSAR looking for?

Outdoor enthusiasts  who .enjoy being outdoors who are  team oriented, professional in an emergency situation, and are available to participate in monthly team trainings.     

What training does BMSAR provide?

In association with other Search and Rescue Teams BMSAR provides basic  SARTEC II classroom training compass essentials, GPS basics, ground pounding and navigation skills. Additional topics include wilderness survival, basic first aid, emergency radio communication protocol etc.

I have a dog, can I train with you?

This is one of our most frequently asked questions.  BMSAR highly recommends people who are new to the search and rescue discipline train with the team to better understand search and rescue fundamentals.  Training a canine to be a SAR K-9 is a significant commitment both by the handler and the K-9. A full understanding of this K-9 /handler relationship is essential for success.  

Calling Agencies

How do we call BMSAR out to a search:  

Emergencies only via the Berkshire County Police/Fire Mutual Aid Center 413 442 0512 or 413 445 4559 or by contacting the Massachusestts State Police ............General inquires e-mail

When should we call BMSAR: 

 At first indication of a missing individual so that we could place BMSAR and affiiated SAR teams on alert. Every minute counts.

What resources can BMSAR deploy: 

 Fully equipped K9 teams,   ( navigator,communications,handeler,K9) Medical Personal, Ground Pounders, Communication and SAR MAnagement speciailsts. BMSAR is completely self sufficient including communications, GPS, mapping software, all members are trained in crime scene preservation. BMSAR also has access to ATV's and a command trailer

Are all members on the MASS State SAR registry: 

All members who respond to search requests are on MASS State registry.  This helps ensure quality, trained search personnel.

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